Meet information and schedules can be found here. Word documents are linked below.

Trinity Invitational 9/15/17-9/16/17

Tom Sawyer Park, Louisville, KY


1:30 pm Varsity runners leave class and change

2:00 pm Bus leaves

3:30 pm Second bus leaves for all other athletes

4:45 pm Arrive at Tom Sawyer Park for Pre meet

6:10 pm Leave course and head to spaghetti dinner

6:30 pm Spaghetti Dinner

8:15 pm Head to Hotel

8:25 pm Arrive at hotel

8:15 pm Return to hotel

8:20 pm Team meeting in hotel dining area

9:50 pm Room leaders to collect cell phones

10:00 pm Lights Out


6:15 am Morning shake out run-FIRST BUS ATHLETES

6:25-6:45 Breakfast-FIRST BUS ATHLETES

6:50 First Bus leaves for race for those in Frosh race & Varsity races

7:00 Arrive at course

7:10 Morning shake out run-SECOND BUS ATHLETES

7:20-7:50 Breakfast-SECOND BUS ATHLETES

7:55 Second Bus leaves for race for those in Varsity Seeded & Open races

8:10 Arrive at course

Race Information:

8:20 am Boys & Girls Freshman 

9:00 am Men’s Varsity

9:40 am Women’s Varsity 

10:20 am Men’s Seeded 

11:00 am Women’s Seeded 

11:40 am Men’s Open 

12:20 pm Women’s Open 

12:30 pm Award Ceremony

Saturday (continued):

1:40 Lunch

2:00 Leave Race Course

5:00 Arrive at CHS

Runners are NOT responsible for travel-related expenses. Runners will only be responsible for any incidental expenses (i.e. souvenirs, t-shirts, snacks @ concessions etc.).

Coach Walsh cell: (937) 477-7885


Dinner on Friday-spaghetti dinner at Eastern High School

Breakfast on Saturday is provided at the hotel

Lunch on Saturday before will head back will be provided.

Hotel Information:

Friday Night:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

1620 Alliant Ave

Louisville, KY

Telephone: (502) 240-0035

Coach Walsh cell: (937) 477-7885

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