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2012 Photos

Below you will find links to the team photos for the 2012 Centerville Cross Country meets. Depending on your selection, the links will direct you to one of two different SmugMug websites which are being used to store and display the Elks Track & Field photos.

The SmugMug websites provide you with the opportunity to save the photos to your PC. This can be done by clicking on the "Save Photo" icon that appears when your cursor is placed on the displayed photo. SmugMug also offers you the opportunity to purchase photos through their service, but note that none of the money is returned to the photographers or to the team.

As a hobby, we hope you enjoy these photos as much as we have in taking them in trying to get that one "great shot"!

Mark Osbourne and Alan Steible

Please note: If there are parents who do not want their athlete's photo on-line please contact us at: OR (If possible, please provide the SmugMug Gallery name and Image number associated with the photo).

Main Gallery from Alan Steible
Main Gallery from Mark Osbourne

Mason Invitational Videos from RunMason: 11/12 Creek Crossing, 9/10 Mulch Hill, Varsity Woods, Varsity Hay Bales
Six Flags Wild Safari Invitationals videos from TheTrackShow: