Spaghetti Dinners

Spaghetti Dinners are held each Friday night at 6:00 PM during the regular Cross Country Season. These dinners are hosted by the Boys and Girls Cross Country parents at private homes. Any Cross Country athlete who is in good standing is welcome to attend and enjoy a wonderful pre-meet pasta dinner and some team bonding. Athletes are expected to behave responsibly, be respectful of host family and neighboring property, and clean up after themselves. Dinners begin at 6:00 PM unless otherwise noted. 

The 2017 Spaghetti Dinner Locations:

8/25 McGuffey
10145 Benham Drive, 45458

9/1 Rintoul
1500 Waterbury Woods Ln, 45458

9/8 Kick
441 Maple Springs Drive

9/22 McGuffey
10145 Benham Drive, 45458

9/29  Horwath
1959 Loma Linda Lane, 45459

10/6 Hall
330 Estates Dr, 45459

10/13  Girls TDB